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AtHoc transforms your healthcare organization's IP network into a powerful critical communication system for remote employees, IT outage, and emergency mass notification.

Create Your Own Crisis Communication Network

AtHoc Connect enables healthcare organizations to communicate and collaborate with greater effectiveness, authority, and control in times of crisis.

AtHoc Connect enables connected organizations to seamlessly communicate in real-time, resulting in faster and more coordinated responses. Effectively collaborate with other organizations such as first responders, hospitals, clinics, and other government agencies to protect lives.

Clinical IT Outage Alerting

AtHoc effectively reduces IT downtime by alerting all effected personnel, with message delivery verification. Workaround solutions are relayed to staff members, maintaining vital continuity of operations and patient care.

  • Deliver immediate access to patient information during a power outage
  • Reduce downtime from an hour+ to <2 minutes

Emergency Mass Notification

AtHoc enables secure communication across entire medical campuses through multiple devices including PA systems, digital displays – safeguarding medical teams and patients. During an event, AtHoc protects Personal Identifiable Information (PII): we exceed SSAE-16 certification.

Remote Employee Safety

AtHoc's mobile app protects remote employees with the touch of a button. The check-in/check-out feature keeps supervisors aware of the location of their remote workforce at all times.

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